Kids birthday coming up? Girls social hour? Church event? Small business party?

Welcome to Canvasly Chromatized

About Us


I created Canvasly Chromatized because of my passion for art, staying creative and socializing. I believe art is therapy. We are our worst critic and I encourage leaving that at the door! Painting is relaxing, not frustrating! Enjoy your time with your staff, friends or family and make your painting your own!

Experienced or Unexperienced

I repeat, you DO NOT need to know how to paint! These are guided instructions, most are great for all ages. Some are even slightly stenciled out for you - do not fret!


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March 22nd: La Conner Sips - Hummingbird - 630pm-830pm

April 26th: La Conner Sips - Tulips & Boots - 630pm-830pm