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Canvasly Chromatized

Canvasly Chromatized Paint Parties
Arlington, WA



Private Parties

AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE PARTIES! This includes kids birthdays, staff functions, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, church functions, fundraisers, charity events, holiday parties or any reason to have a few hours of social fun with friends and family! Anytime of the year! Please contact me via the button above but feel free to call, text or email me at: canvaslychromatized@gmail.com with details listed below.

Please include the date/time and type of event you wish to inquire about. Also, include the amount of people you are estimating.
Requirement: 6 people minimum (2-3 hours is usual) - please inquire if you want to host but cannot get six people. $30/painter - comes with all supplies & aprons.
--each person typically pays their own way.

KIDS PARTIES (17 & under): How fun! Paint the theme of the birthday! IF there isn't one here, we will make a design!
Requirement: 6 kids requirement (1-2 hours is usual) - please inquire if you want to host but cannot get seven kids. $20/painter - comes with all supplies & aprons.
--you can work other parents/kids to pay their own way.

Deposit required is one spot price (either $20 or $30). Deposits are not refundable unless cancelled by business itself but do apply towards the final fee.
Remaining deposit of all painters is generally due the night before by 9pm including the final count. It is recommended to collect the deposits and have one person pay but not required. (NOTE: it is possible to add people on day of event, but please inquire).
Private party payments are non-refundable unless cancelled by Canvasly Chromatized but you may keep the canvas that was prepped for you.

You supply the tables/chairs and space/location, the decorations, food, drinks, gifts to your desire. I supply easels, paint, canvases, table covers and aprons - anything required to create your masterpiece! If you need help finding a location, I have a lot of relationships with local businesses so please feel free to ask.

Maximum of 50 people per paint party. Please contact me if you need to accommodate more.


Teacher Class Paintings

Special discounts for teachers and booking your classroom party! Please inquire.


Are you looking to help raise funds for a charity or local non-profit? Please email or call me and leave a message so we can talk about details! Fundraisers are split 50/50 - ticket prices are minimum $40 a person but can be raised per host request. 

I will advertise and sell tickets but host is required to do the same and share the event listing and link for tickets.
Wine packages may be available, see below!

Wine Packages

Offering wine packages for events! I've paired with OneHope wines. Packages are available per host as I will connect you with my OneHope CEO. Each wine bottle purchase or packages donates to a cause, timely notice may need to take place.

Canvas/Wood/Mixed Media

Not currently available.